WW1 Mauser Gew98 – 1918 – Serial # 8362d


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WW1 Imperial German Army Gewher 98 Gew 98, made by Mauser, waffenfabrik mauser oberndor stamped on the receiver. Receiver is dated 1918. All stamps and proof marks are in great shape. This gew98 has the very cool roller coaster sights. Barrel, receiver, sights, stock, butt plate and bayonet lug are matching numbers. Bolt, magazine floor plate are different. All parts contain imperial german proof markings. Slightly hard to see on the gun in person, but turkey is stamped on the lower side of the receiver as an import mark can be easily removed. Complete gun including cleaning rod.

OD – VERY GOOD- all original parts; 30% to 50% original finish; original metal surfaces smooth with all edges sharp; clear lettering, numerals and design on metal; wood slightly scratched or bruised.

Metal finish is original and in pretty good shape for the age. The stock is in good shape and would clean up nicely after a degreasing/oiling. The gun was covered in oil/cosmoline for many years during storage. Some small dents and dings typical with age and use on the wood. Overall, the rifle is in good condition. The bore is bright with strong rifling and the bolt action and trigger pull is smooth. Gun is a great shooter and piece of history.

Serial Number: 8362d

Receiver Production date: 1918


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